Unite Singapore under able, honest leaders

As the dust settles on the general election, there must be inevitable soul searching among all sides of the electoral battle ("Close ranks and unite after GE: Ministers"; Sept 14).

It is time to move on from partisan party politics and towards uniting the various camps - PAP supporters, opposition supporters and silent but watchful Singaporeans.

I welcome the conciliatory post-election speeches and the clarion call for all Singaporeans to unite as one, even as we face sterner regional and global challenges.

I hope the PAP Government realises that the electorate has matured and is discerning.

Just as Singaporeans were urged to examine the character of the opposition candidates, so, too, must the PAP be held to the same, if not higher, exacting standards of honesty and integrity.

A discerning and mature voting population will have its own key performance indicators on what constitutes a good, able, honest and efficient minister or MP.

They will have no qualms about sending any underperforming or dishonest person out of office, come the next election.

Anna Quek (Ms)