Unable to close sick husband's bank account

My husband has a POSB current account and, in order to maintain it, $2 is deducted from his savings account every month.

However, he suffered a stroke in late March, which left him unable to communicate. The doctor informed me that my husband's condition is permanent, and wrote a medical report stating his condition.

Using this medical report, I approached the branch manager of the DBS Bank outlet in Ang Mo Kio to close the current account, as our family needs the money to help pay for my husband's treatments and therapies.

She told me that DBS is unable to close the account without my husband's written consent or a lawyer's letter.

Since my husband is unable to give any written consent, I am left with the option of obtaining a lawyer's letter.

My husband has only $3,000-plus in his current account; it does not make economic sense to hire a lawyer to cancel the account.

So our only choice now is to let the bank slowly deduct $2 from his account every month until all the money is depleted.

Why is it that the bank does not look at such circumstances on a case-by-case basis?

What if a family is in dire need of the money?

Ng Chin Suan (Madam)