Two routes for same bus service number

I did not reach my destination of Woodlands Street 41 when I took bus service 912.

Subsequently, I discovered that this same service has two separate routes, serving both the eastern and western parts of Woodlands.

Looking at the route directory or the bus number, there is no way a customer can identify which route the bus will be plying.

I wrote to the Land Transport Authority (LTA) in July and received a reply confirming that "Service 912 is an intra-town feeder that serves both Woodlands Avenue 7 (eastern part of Woodlands Town) and Woodlands Centre Road (western part of Woodlands Town) areas".

The e-mail went on to explain that there are "separate boarding berths for the same service".

I replied to the LTA's e-mail, explaining that if the same service number is serving different routes, it confuses commuters.

A simple 912A and 912B would help commuters identify which bus to board.

Manmohan Singh