Two-pronged approach to cut down on takeaway containers

Encouraging Singaporeans to cut back on using plastic styrofoam boxes when taking away food requires a two-pronged approach.

First, the Government has to run a countrywide campaign to create awareness of the impact such takeaway packages have on our environment, and to call on Singaporeans to use their own containers for taking away food.

Second, foodstalls need to provide a monetary incentive to patrons who use their own containers. Currently, some stalls charge up to 50 cents for a takeaway container; why not offer a discount to those who use their own containers?

It will not be easy to get Singaporeans to use their own food containers, as they are not used to it and may find it inconvenient.

But with these two approaches working in tandem, we may yet see success.

Clara Chua Sieo Peng (Ms)