Tweaking rules, systems to keep pace with changing Singapore

Vlogger Nuseir Yassin's recent "almost perfect country" video caught the attention of many Singaporeans, sparking a wide range of debates (Too many in Singapore lack perspective, says vlogger; Sept 21).

Has Singapore really managed to find our own solutions to the many problems that the rest of the world are facing? That, many would agree, is debatable.

It is not easy for a small country, and one with extremely few natural resources too, to shine on the world map.

Apart from the strong political leadership and commitment, it also takes a whole-of-a-nation approach to develop our own uniquely Singapore solutions and strategies to many complex challenges and issues.

Housing, healthcare and education are some areas where Singapore has excelled.

But the much-discussed issue of inequality is one that needs urgent attention.

While it is not possible for perfect solutions, what we should be focusing on instead is minimising the risk of people falling through the gaps and providing opportunities for upward mobility in society.

Policy adjustments will need to keep pace with the changing needs and aspirations of Singaporeans.

Models that worked well in the past might not be relevant today.

Today, we need to have a system that champions compassion, sincerity and flexibility.

The many one-size-fits-all systems need to change to accommodate the increasingly complex multi-layered challenges that families and individuals are facing.

I am positive that we can continue to improve on our unique solutions, leveraging on our strong human capital to fulfil our own vision of an ideal nation. Indeed, we will never be done building Singapore.

Sim Dian Chye

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