Tuition for parents not a good idea

I disagree that parents going for tuition to help their children with their studies is beneficial (Parents go for tuition - to help their kids; Feb 15).

If parents learn from tutors and then pass down the content to the children, it could result in a "broken telephone", where some of the content is lost or misunderstood.

Different children have different learning styles, and might not prefer to learn from their parents.

Furthermore, children may be more pressured by their parents to get better grades now that their parents are more involved in their learning.

Children may also become so dependent on their parents that they stop asking their school teachers for help and do not explore the possibilities of studying online. This could lead to school phobia.

Nevertheless, it is important for parents to be connected to their children's education to some extent. They should find a balance so they do not become distant from their children, and their children learn to be independent and step out of their comfort zones.

Ria Mundhra, 14,

Secondary 3 student

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