Treat abrasive PMD riders like road bullies

A man on an electric scooter riding along Orchard Road. PHOTO: ST FILE

I read with much concern the report on the e-scooter rider who almost knocked down a 70-year old man. (E-scooter rider fined $4,500 for punching elderly pedestrian, July 24).

If the senior citizen had fallen and hit his head, the consequences could have been deadly.

Yet, not only did the rider not apologise, but he also scolded the old man. When the latter tried to de-escalate the situation by walking off, the rider tailed him home and then shoved and punched the elderly pedestrian.

What the e-scooter rider did was worse than a spontaneous outburst of road rage for, as the prosecutor said, he acted with premeditation and deliberateness.

If in future such physical assaults on pedestrians by e-scooter riders take place, they should be treated no different from road bullies.

Edwin Pang

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