Tray return initiative: Low likelihood of crockery breakage

We thank Madam Soh Lay Chin for her feedback on tray return efforts ("Does fear of liability deter people from clearing tables?"; Forum Online, Jan 19).

Food and beverage are usually served in melamine crockery at most hawker centres and food retail outlets, and hence, there is a low likelihood of accidental breakage of the crockery.

The Tray Return Initiative encourages patrons at participating hawker centres, foodcourts, fast-food restaurants and other eateries to clear their own trays and crockery as an act of social graciousness towards cleaners and other patrons.

This benefits patrons at these eateries as it allows for a more conducive and clean dining environment with shorter waiting time for tables.

Faster turnaround time of tables also benefits stallholders, as it will help generate more business volume.

Hence, we should not be deterred from returning our trays for fear of accidentally breaking crockery, and tray return is indeed deserving of the support of all stakeholders, which includes stallholders, patrons and table cleaners.

Ivy Ong (Ms)


Hawker Centres Division

National Environment Agency