Transform empty carparks into green lungs

The car population here has fallen to 575,353 last year, from 607,292 in 2013.

In my estate in Bishan, there are fewer cars and more empty parking spaces after midnight.

This could be due to young married couples moving to new estates and taking their cars with them.

With increasing connectivity and reliability of public transport, more cars are also left idle in carparks while drivers take public transport to work.

It is time to tweak downwards the number of carparks and plan to progressively replace parking spaces with greenery, especially in HDB estates.

Multi-storey carparks could also be built, to free up surface parking spaces for greenery.

Thus, HDB residents would be able to enjoy more green lungs for play and recreation, leading to a healthier lifestyle.

This would also ensure that our city truly moves with the times ("A city truly moving with the times"; May 23).

Gan Kok Tiong