Traits of a suitable IP student

The Primary School Leaving Examination results were released recently ("Record 98.3% qualify for secondary school"; Nov 26), and many parents are unsure about what school they should enrol their children in.

Apart from the location and achievements of the schools, parents should also consider if their child is suitable for certain programmes.

The Integrated Programme (IP) is one that many are keen on joining, as it has no O-level exams, and students are required only to take the A-level exams.

The IP is less exam-focused, leaving more room for other programmes or subjects. Students are exposed to research and/or media programmes that can aid them in solving real-life problems.

The IP is less focused on the memorisation of notes and many schools have learnt to introduce new ideas to students through creative means.

Students who are more consistent and possess time management skills ate the one expected to thrive.

Surprise pop quizzes, although also a feature in many schools, is a particularly popular tool used by IP teachers to test students' knowledge.

Projects also play a big part in assessment. Sometimes, two or more projects will take place within the same time period.

Practically all projects are carried out in a group that the teacher assigns. Therefore, the student must be able to accept the input of others so he can work with his group mates.

Sometimes, it is necessary for students to interview strangers, hence " people skills" are vital.

In conclusion, students who are most suitable for the IP are those who are consistent, adaptable and able to interact well with others.

Charlieze Tan (Miss)