'Toxic' bosses abound despite sound counsel

Despite years of exhortation and cooperative agreements between the Government and unions, employers with questionable employment practices continue to blight Singapore's sterling standings.

I have seen and known of employers who, despite better counsel, continue to pay salaries to their staff even after seven days of a succeeding month, despite knowing full well they are running afoul of rules and regulations if they do not pay their charges by the seventh day of the following month.

Just as appalling are employers who harass their employees even after they have resigned from their effective employ, or those who categorically deny employees the privilege of Government-gazetted holidays.

That is not all.

There are even bosses who ask their charges to undergo polygraph tests; a practice replete with ethical and legal implications and which I have always thought was the sole preserve of the police.

Just as distressing is the practice of sexual harassment and procedural miscues - whether by design or accident - employers take to in formalising employment contracts.

Jaya Prakash