Town councils must take all feedback seriously

Not only must complaints about lifts be taken seriously, but complaints about any matter that comes under the purview of town councils must also be taken seriously and immediate follow-up action should be initiated ("All complaints about lifts must be taken seriously" by Mr Ng Kei Yong; Oct 13).

Town councils should appreciate such feedback, as it would not be humanly possible for them to look out for problems at all HDB blocks all the time.

By town councils taking a nonchalant attitude towards feedback or unnecessarily delaying remedial action, dire consequences could result.

A few years ago, I gave feedback to my town council and HDB branch that convex mirrors at every intersection of every level on both sides of one multi-storey carpark needed to be installed.

Currently, there is only one convex mirror at the intersection of the first level.

There is every possibility of a vehicle going up from the lower level colliding with a vehicle coming down from the upper level at these intersections.

Unfortunately, both agencies did not give the matter serious thought, perhaps because of the cost.

Till today, nothing has been done to avert or at least minimise the possible danger of collision at the abovementioned intersections.

Pavithran Vidyadhran