Tough stance against errant motorists

To ensure safety on our roads, the Traffic Police (TP) conducts enforcement action against errant motorists ("Booked for traffic offence, but no evidence" by Mr Wong Yuen Foh; Forum Online, Oct 13).

The TP will proceed with action against the errant motorist only after carefully studying the evidence and facts of each case.

Where available, the TP will examine video and photographic evidence, such as that collected by digital red-light cameras and speed enforcement cameras.

Where this is not available, the TP considers other facts, such as forensic evidence or eye-witness accounts from enforcement officers and members of the public.

Road safety is a shared responsibility. Motorists can do their part by driving safely to create a safer road environment for all.

Ho Yenn Dar (Superintendent)

Assistant Director (Public Communications Division)

Public Affairs Department

Singapore Police Force