Touched by Singapore Muslim community's unity

Although I am not familiar with the differences between the Sunni and Shi'ite teachings, I am deeply touched by the fine example the Muslim community in Singapore is setting in embracing diversity in their religion ("Call to embrace diversity in Islam"; Jan 9).

Rather than let their differences in beliefs divide them, as is happening in other parts of the world, they are willing to put aside their differences and worship together.

This is a great example of love and respect - a central tenet of all religions.

I wish the other religious faiths can learn from our Muslim brethren. Despite the Government's efforts to promote religious harmony, it is disheartening that some religious groups continue to ostracise other groups or sects.

Even worse, some of them continue to spread falsehoods by branding any other group that does not conform to their beliefs as a cult.

In tiny Singapore, where religious harmony is one of our greatest strength and also a major fault-line, we should learn to embrace diversity and respect each other's beliefs.

Patrick Tan Siong Kuan