Time will tell if Trump can see US through crises

Will United States President-elect Donald Trump be able to serve the American people and pay attention to the rest of the globe at the same time?

Crises like Syria and the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria will have to be top of the agenda in the Middle East.

Meanwhile, there is no ignoring Asia - a solution needs to be found to the South China Sea dispute and the growing intimidatory tactics of North Korea.

There is also the US' fraught relationship with both Russia and China, the deepening global economic crisis, and the continuing class struggle within America.

It will become obvious very quickly that meeting expectations is a long way from making campaign promises.

All that matters is whether the US has the leader it deserves to see it through.

If confidence can be restored in how the US is run and how it manages its relations with other nations, it will work out for everyone concerned.

In most cases, the commander-in-chief grows into the role. The question is: Is Mr Trump capable of this?

Manoraj Rajathurai