Time to raise the bar for MPs

Singaporeans have to raise the bar for candidates in the coming election if we are to ensure our country remains relevant to the world in the years ahead.

The world today is very different from the world of our pioneer generation.

Advances in technology and the rise of capable and more driven leaders in this economically active and resource-rich region are posing a serious challenge to the Singapore brand and our position as one of the best countries in the world to do business.

Countries in the region are building smart cities and creating new trade routes, which may entice businesses to move their operations away from Singapore.

They are rich too, and able to invest in technologies to enhance productivity and create new products and services, which make competing with them much more challenging.

One key reason Singapore has been able to stay ahead thus far is that we have voted into government men and women who have not only a good understanding of domestic issues but also a good grasp of what is happening in the world outside Singapore.

Several of them are very well regarded for their capabilities, and are capable of holding audiences on the world stage.

This is definitely good for Singapore's standing in the world.

Men and women of such calibre are suited to be MPs and to play a more responsible and helpful role in building Singapore's future.

Jolly Wee