Time to include 'Eurasian' as a race category?

I am a Eurasian and I have no problem with being placed in the "Others" category when it comes to my race ("The race issue: How far has Singapore come?"; Nov 8).

Why? Because we are the minority in Singapore.

However, since we have been a part of Singapore's social fabric since the mid-1800s, it would be good to give us a category of our own, such that there be five groupings: Chinese, Malays, Indians, Eurasians and Others.

As Eurasians were also part of Singapore's pioneers, it would be good for us to be recognised as a distinct ethnic group.

Still, there is no need for an outcry even if we are classified under "Others".

That said, one's ethnicity is important, especially when applying for housing, schools and employment, as certain groups will require special provisions.

By far, the best policy that prevented ethnic clumping is the policy of having an ethnic quota in HDB estates.

For Singapore to thrive now and in the future, society must be reminded that Singapore is vulnerable, though we appear strong.

The threads that bind us must be strengthened continually, and we must not allow loopholes in policy to weaken this fabric.

Minjoot Florence Veronica (Ms)