Time for discussion on citizen art versus vandalism

We need to encourage "citizen art" like art student Priyageetha Dia's recent golden staircase project (Gold stairs earn praise but are out of step with rules; March 8).

I had a similar experience when I proposed using real zebra-like stripes at zebra crossings, rather than horizontal stripes.

I had set up such a crossing in Meyer Road. But, it was rejected immediately and the Land Transport Authority told me to remove it.

I have also put up a pair of guard sculptures at Katong Park facing Fort Road. In this case, the National Parks Board was kind enough to allow it.

Perhaps, it is now time to discuss how we should differentiate such citizen art from vandalism.

This country needs to promote thinking outside the box.

Perhaps the National Arts Council can start a programme where such ideas can be adopted officially.

Jack Sim