Tighten rules on charities' board of management

Good conduct in governance, especially in the area of attendance and performance at meetings, is paramount ("Boost charities' engagement with people" by Mr Leonard Poh; Sept 27).

People sitting on the board of management of a charity should play a more proactive role in ensuring its smooth running.

They must not have the notion that just because they are volunteers, they need not be fully committed to the cause.

There are cases of board members who seldom attend important meetings; some do not even read the meeting minutes that are dispatched to them.

Such a nonchalant attitude may result in mismanagement, and the people who bear the brunt of this are the beneficiaries.

It is, thus, imperative that a good system of governance is put in place, and one good way is to impose stringent criteria in the appointment of board members.

There should be stricter control and more selectivity over the calibre and eligibility of those accepted into the board committee.

Perhaps it is also good for the public to know how each charity operates to benefit the community, as well as the background of its board members.

This will help people to make an informed choice as to which charity they desire to support.

Jeffrey Law Lee Beng