Tighten laws on disposing bulky items

According to the Singapore Civil Defence Force, the number of cases of fire as a result of discarded items rose from 345 in 2016 to 401 last year - a 16.2 per cent increase.

These fires usually occur at common areas such as lift lobbies, staircase landings and corridors, where bulky waste tends to be disposed.

There are laws prohibiting the disposal of unwanted items in common areas.

Housing Board residents who wish to dispose bulky items can call the town council three to five days in advance so workers can be sent to collect the items on the appointed day.

Each household can dispose of three bulky items free of charge each month.

The laws should be tightened, as residents continue to leave their waste in areas that are convenient for them, especially during festive months, when people tend to clean their houses.

Also, there should be more enforcement efforts to curb this problem.

Lim Wen Ting (Miss)