The end of a roar

The death of former Football Association of Singapore (FAS) chairman N. Ganesan marks the end of a "Roar" ("The man who made Kallang Roar dies"; Thursday).

The man people hailed as the "Kallang Roar" was a special Singapore football icon who dared to be different. He was a lawyer who spoke balls from dawn to dusk, a gentleman who truly cared for football.

He sensationally fired an extraordinary period that saw Singapore win two Malaysia Cups (1977 and 1980). And he made the boldest decision for football when, in 1974, he defied convention and switched Malaysia Cup home games from the Jalan Besar Stadium to Kallang's National Stadium.

He was extraordinarily talented, the balls-way.

Mr Ganesan also revamped the National Football League, from 118 clubs to a strong 30, and launched the Lion City Cup, an Under-16 international tournament that unearthed budding talents like Fandi Ahmad and V. Sundramoorthy, who later went on to play in Europe.

I hope the FAS finds a suitable way to remember Mr Ganesan and his contributions.

Suresh Nair