The arts can help craft qualities needed in 21st century workplace

It is heartening to see that the arts and culture will be further integrated into pre-school education ("Bringing arts and culture to more pre-schoolers"; April 15).

The arts are a window for the soul. They allow us to peer through the lens of another person, broadening our experiences and understanding of the world.

Serving also as a means of expression, the arts have the ability to bond people.

Through the arts, be it dance, music, literature or the aesthetics, children and adults alike will be exposed to a broader spectrum of life.

This builds both communities and individuals.

While they may not seem prominent in Singapore's education landscape, the arts help to build citizens with character and instil in them a sense of innovation and sensitivity, which are crucial in helping children and students develop holistically from a young age.

Similarly, the arts can serve as a platform for the improvement of creative sectors.

Creativity and expression are both key qualities that the 21st century workplace is looking for, instead of mere academic excellence and paper qualifications.

Recognising this will help to create a better learning environment for children and students in the future.

I do hope that more people will discover the value of the arts and the enrichment they can provide.

Chong Li Xuan (Miss)