Tests can weed out foreign PMEs with fake degrees

I hope the measures announced by Manpower Minister Lim Swee Say will also address issues like foreign professionals, managers and executives (PMEs), Employment Pass holders, fake certificates as well as English oral and written proficiency ("Timely help for S'porean PMEs"; last Friday).

Like Australia, the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) should conduct English proficiency tests for foreign PME applicants.

The issue of foreign PMEs with fake certificates is also a concern.

I hope the MOM will work with the universities here to conduct tests for foreign PME applicants, to weed out those with fake qualifications.

Such tests for randomly selected foreign applicants can deter those with fake degrees from taking a chance to come to Singapore to seek employment, knowing that they could be sent home at their own expense.

If we do not take such steps, it will affect our productivity and unity, as it is also a politically-sensitive matter.

Tan Kok Tim