Telco charges contrary to personal data Act

My mobile number is deemed to be my personal data under the Personal Data Protection Act.

Under the Act, I should have the right to decide if I want my personal data to be disclosed. Furthermore, such a choice should not be subject to any charges.

However, telcos today charge their subscribers if they want to see the caller number (for what is termed "caller ID display service").

In addition, I will be charged a fee if I ask for a service that prevents my caller ID from being displayed.

Clearly, this contravenes the Act:

First, my right to protect my personal data has been taken away from me. I should be able to decide when I want to show my calling number.

Second, I am charged if I want to get this right to protect my personal data back.

Third, telcos are using my personal data to charge third parties who receive calls from me.

Could the Personal Data Protection Commission help to address this issue?

Terence Teo