TED Talks-style videos can end tuition epidemic

File photo showing a speaker engaging an audience during a TED Talk on education.
File photo showing a speaker engaging an audience during a TED Talk on education.PHOTO: FACEBOOK/TED

I have been thinking about how Singaporean parents can slowly be less burdened by their children's expensive tuition.

I was inspired by the many TED Talks.

The Education Ministry (MOE) could start by inviting teachers from various schools to give a 10-minute video talk on various topics that are important for the national exams, namely the PSLE and O levels.

These teachers should be given free coaching and the entire recording process should be coordinated by MOE so as not to add a logistical burden on to the chosen schools.

Once completed, all these videos should be launched on an open MOE platform in order to protect the various schools' intellectual property.

Most importantly, these videos should be able to be accessed by busy parents 24/7 and serve as a much-needed guide to them.

Parents will then be empowered to decide how much tuition is needed, and low-income families will not feel that their children's academic achievement will be curtailed as these videos can be viewed for free.

MOE could also use these videos to further demonstrate how all schools are the same and, in future, promote Singapore education to the rest of the world.

Colin Ong Tau Shien