Teachers use technology to go the extra mile

I agree with Ms Jane Ng ("Not too late to say 'thank you' to a caring teacher"; Oct 26).

My son is a Primary 5 boy from Maris Stella High School (Primary).

Recently, his mathematics teacher set up a mobile chat group to assign the boys homework in the event of school closure due to the haze.

Eventually, the group was used to post updates, reminders and queries, and to check for homework.

Subsequently, his English and science teachers joined the group too.

What impressed me was the fact that my son's English teacher, who was on medical leave, was actively online to answer queries from pupils, even after office hours.

As my son had many mistakes in a few sets of worksheets, he took photos for each correction and sent them to her personally.

She displayed great dedication and patience in guiding him, waiting for his corrections and explaining things to him until 10pm.

She later told the other boys about my son's exchange with her, and said she wished to have more diligent boys like my son.

She asked the boys not to brood over what had already passed, encouraged them to stay focused on their upcoming exams, and sent her best wishes.

And although my son's Chinese teacher is not part of the chat group, she answers his queries and doubts promptly via e-mail.

I was also impressed with my daughter's Chinese teacher.

My daughter is in Primary 4 at Raffles Girls' Primary School. Her Chinese teacher assigned the pupils oral practice and gave them her private number, asking all of them to send her voice mail.

For every voice mail the pupils sent, the teacher gave feedback promptly all the way until 9pm.

These teachers put modern technology to good use to go the extra mile to support pupils both academically and emotionally.

The pupils can get prompt guidance for their homework or assessment. Communication between teachers and pupils has been greatly enhanced and the stress has been reduced.

The support and guidance from these teachers compel me to express my praise.

They truly deserve big thank yous for providing support well beyond our expectations.

All these pupils are fortunate to have dedicated and caring teachers to shape their future.

Jess Lee Ying Nee (Madam)