Teachers and soldiers are not typical public servants


I read with concern that the authorities have decided to charge teachers for parking in schools (Parking fees for teachers to kick in from August; March 27).

This is in line with the Public Service Division's "clean wage" policy, which stipulates that salaries be fully accounted for, with no hidden perks and privileges.

The same will soon apply to six more military camps and bases, on top of the 10 premises that currently have such fees (Season parking fees to apply at six more military camps, bases; March 28).

It is commendable that we always strive to be a transparent and incorruptible country.

However, I fear this decision might be construed as the work of a jobsworth - someone who insists on adhering to rules and bureaucratic procedures even at the expense of common sense.

Teachers and soldiers are not typical public servants.

Our defence budget is increased yearly, stressing the point that we have to remain vigilant and deter potential aggressors, and soldiers are expected to lay down their lives to defend the country.

Similarly, high expectations are placed on teachers to educate children well. To inspire and mould these restless and curious minds is a big challenge.

We should continue to support and show our appreciation to these people for doing such noble jobs.

Francis Lee