Take tougher stance against elder abusers

Minister Tan Chuan-Jin shared a case of elder abuse on Facebook on Oct 14 that left me feeling angry and troubled that not enough is being done in Singapore to protect the elderly from abuse, especially from abuse by their own family.

According to Mr Tan, during one of his Meet-the-People sessions in Marine Parade recently, an old woman approached him for help.

Her son had abused her in many ways at home, which distressed her. She could not even do simple things, like cook and bathe, at home. Even her daughter was kicked out of the house by her son.

I hope that laws will be implemented soon to protect elderly people, like this old woman, especially from their own family.

Why are these abusers getting away without punishment?

I urge the police to do more to arrest and punish those who abuse the elderly, and not regard the matter as a personal family issue that requires mediation at most.

Susan Tan Lin Neo (Miss)