Take escalator maintenance more seriously

I hope the escalator malfunction at The Arcade will alert all technicians to be more careful when they do maintenance work ("Woman escapes injury after escalator step suddenly breaks apart at The Arcade at Raffles Place"; ST Online, Jan 6).

I once saw four technicians screwing on the plates of the escalator flooring panel at an MRT station recently.

When I commented that more care was now needed after a woman in China died after part of the escalator collapsed under her ("Mum saves son before fatal fall into escalator pit"; July 28, 2015), they looked at me blankly.

When I said that it was all over the news, the technicians said they did not follow the news.

The video of the accident in China was widely circulated on the Internet.

I hope all escalator managers and supervisors will show maintenance staff this video, as well as other videos and photos of what happens when escalators malfunction, to alert them to pay special attention to certain areas during their maintenance work.

We should not take the safety and proper functioning of escalators for granted. We do not want a fatality caused by negligence or poor maintenance to occur on our escalators.

Ng Shui Kheng