Tackle noise issue along old MRT tracks

While it is good that the number of complaints about noise at construction sites has fallen, what about noise generated from old MRT tracks ("Scheme for quieter equipment beefed up"; March 24)?

I live near the train tracks between Admiralty and Sembawang MRT stations.

Having a normal conversation, talking on the phone or even watching television is almost impossible whenever a train passes by.

Uninterrupted sleep is possible only between midnight and 5.30am.

Despite the installation of noise barriers, the sound has become louder, especially during the peak hours, when trains go by in both directions.

It seems that building the noise barriers was a waste of time and money. They are also an eyesore.

Do the authorities check the effectiveness of the noise barriers after they are built?

Perhaps the train operators should apply to the Quieter Construction Fund to help solve the problem of noise along the tracks.

Dave Yap