Support leaders for a great S'pore

It is important for young people to understand the political system in Singapore ("Never too early to learn about politics" by Yeo Jen-Lin; Sept 30).

In five years' time, those who are currently 17 will be voting in their first election. How, then, do we ensure that we will not be swayed by empty promises?

Our political system is one in which honesty and integrity play huge roles.

It is still relatively young and not as mature as that of other countries.

Having said that, we are also a unique country and this is something that we should appreciate, given how having a coalition government can sometimes be the bane of a country, as can be seen in America and Europe.

The policies made by the Government have put us on the global stage.

We should continue supporting our leaders and remember that they have sacrificed much to serve Singapore.

Bryant Chua, 19, second-year junior college student