Successors must be better than current leaders

In this election and beyond, we need to find successors who are better than the current lot, because every generation should be better than the previous generation.

The work will be harder as the problems become more complex.

We already have a good system in place, thanks to the hard work of the nation's founding fathers.

Candidates should not abuse or misuse this system.

We hope to have good leaders, honest people who can withstand testing and be able to secure the support of the people.

We must accept that, with the prevalence of social media, many issues will surface from every corner.

Anyone who desires to contest must ensure that common goals and objectives are met, for the betterment of our citizens and not for their own or their party's interests.

We have to ensure that all parties contesting identify candidates who are mature, dynamic, passionate and capable to take over the reins for the nation's next 50 years.

There are many factors that could split the votes. But the truth is that people will judge the quality of the parties by their end result.

The question to ask is: Will those elected be able to deliver what they have promised?

Be it the ruling party or the opposition, what we want are candidates who will listen to the ground with all fairness, and deliver on promises.

Singapore's survival is predicated upon being an exceptional country, not just some of the time, but all the time.

We must not be complacent and must continue to do more for Singaporeans and for our nation.

V. Balu