Success leads to greater successes

All Singaporeans salute Joseph Schooling for winning an Olympic gold medal, and we celebrate his unprecedented victory - one that can potentially go beyond just setting a new Olympic record ("Historic moment for Schooling, historic moment for Singapore"; Aug 14).

As we rejoice as a nation, let us look at how we can leverage a seemingly impossible feat to inspire our country to even greater heights.

Success can lead to greater successes.

In line with Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong's recent National Day speech, this historic feat serves as another reminder that we can overcome whatever challenges that come our way with discipline, grit and resilience ("Iron resolve to hold together"; Aug 9).

Schooling's time of 50.39 seconds is the fruit of years of hard work, sacrifice and perseverance.

His rise to the top was also in no small way supported by his parents, family, household helper Auntie Yolly, coach and the community.

In the same way, as Team Singapore continues to groom effective leaders, improve our systems, prepare ourselves to be future-ready, and work in unity and harmony, we can produce many more dream-builders and world-beaters like Schooling.

We do not have to win every race. Winning is not everything in life; having a winning spirit is.

It is the breadth of our dream, tenacity of our faith in it and the ability to take ever-improving action that will help us go farther and faster in fulfilling dreams in the sport of life.

Having a winning spirit can be a vital and integral part of our economy and country.

It is the Majulah spirit that our founding fathers had hoped to inculcate in the people, and people like Schooling are showing the way.

I thank him and his family for giving us our first Olympic gold and setting the stage for more and better achievements to come.

Patrick Liew Siow Gian (Dr)