Student activities a hazard to passers-by

Because of my age and physical condition, when I pass through Bras Basah MRT station, I have to go through Singapore Management University (SMU) to take a lift to the street level.

I was directed by signs at the station, so I took it that the basement passage through SMU must be a public way.

However, in the last few months, this passage has often been blocked by SMU students carrying out a variety of activities, such as break-dancing, Chinese martial arts practices with weapons, and roller skating.

Some of these activities could possibly cause injuries to slow-moving people like me. In fact, on July 31, I was almost hit by an SMU student speeding by on roller skates. He did not even apologise for the close shave.

Do the SMU authorities condone such conduct? If a passer-by is injured, is the university responsible?

I hope SMU and the authorities can do something before any mishap takes place.

Lee Kwok Weng