STTA should be in Feng's corner

It was with a heavy heart that I watched the quarter-final match of the women's singles event at the World Table Tennis Championships between Feng Tianwei and a Japanese player.

The Japanese player had the full attention of a coach in her corner giving her encouragement and advice during each break.

But Feng had just a friend in her corner. This friend was supposedly a player from another country, and not a qualified coach.

Feng soldiers on and willingly wears our national flag on her chest, despite being axed from the national team.

Sports is about team work. The Singapore Table Tennis Association (STTA), the manager, the coach and, most important of all, the players must act and think like one in order to produce results and win medals.

One cannot drop a player, especially one like Feng who has such a high standing in world of table tennis, and yet want the player to continue representing the country, without a coach and support.

Thomas Lee Chee Chee