Strong political will needed to root out terrorism

Terrorism is a perverted ideology. Terrorists share a consistent profile and common behaviour:

- They hate the current establishments.

- They make effective use of the social media for their propaganda and recruitment.

- They even use children for suicide bombing, believing in carnal rewards after life.

- They particularly hate the United States, Britain, Israel and countries with Judaeo-Christian values.

- Their ideology demands the killing of non-believers and infidels.

- For centuries, they are a quarrelsome, troublesome, burdensome and contentious people.

- They are hiding everywhere and waiting to commit the next terror act.

Sadly, many world leaders fear reprisals from terrorists and, therefore, prefer not to articulate the root causes of terrorism.

Weak leaders remain politically correct in all situations and, as a result, continue to bring about untold damage and pain to their countrymen.

Terrorism is not invincible. The world just needs to nip that evil in the bud.

George Lim Heng Chye