Strict enforcement on use of PMDs necessary for now

More people are using personal mobility devices (PMDs) for their last mile of transport ( Up to 2,000 commuters taking PMDs on trains; March 21).

While the authorities support this, they are, at the same time, encouraging seniors to exercise more to stay healthy and to keep their blood sugar, blood pressure, weight and such in check.

But, as more of these PMD users take to park connectors and walkways, it is likely that some senior citizens are going to avoid these places due to their poor eyesight, slower walking pace, slower responses, physical disabilities, or even out of safety concerns.

Families with young children may also stay clear of park connectors.

Yes, there are regulations on the use of PMDs, but the authorities must ensure that there is strict and regular enforcement.

Social grace and responsibility may take time to be cultivated but the elderly and vulnerable need to be assured now.

Sum Kam Weng