Stiffer rules needed against cheating employers

Errant employers threatening and attempting to send foreign workers home without paying them their salaries is a problem that has surfaced regularly (Ministry looking into 31 labourers' unpaid wages; March 10).

It is time for the Government and Ministry of Manpower to implement more stringent laws and regulations to protect these foreign workers and ensure that they are fully paid.

Currently, there are loopholes in the system, where errant employers appear to be easily getting away with not paying their foreign workers.

For instance, they close their companies and reopen under another name and continue with the cheating practice.

One option is to have the companies pay workers' salaries directly to the MOM, and have the ministry credit it into the workers' bank accounts.

In our First World nation, it is totally unacceptable for foreign workers to be abused and denied their salaries and proper medical care.

I implore the Government and MOM to implement laws and regulations to ensure that foreign workers in Singapore are protected from errant and abusive employers.

Susan Tan Lin Neo (Ms)