Stated reasons not strong enough to scrap Park & Ride scheme

It makes no sense to scrap the Park & Ride scheme ("LTA puts the brakes on Park & Ride scheme"; Oct 15).

The first reason - low take-up rate - should be of no concern at all because the scheme is riding on existing carpark spaces.

No new infrastructure is built for this scheme and requires no extra maintenance for the carparks selected.

In fact, the scheme helps to maximise the use of these carparks, as they are less than 50 per cent utilised during office hours.

To tackle misuse, it is easy enough to ask applicants to submit a letter of employment to prove their place of work.

I hope the Land Transport Authority (LTA) will reconsider its decision to scrap the scheme, if the abovementioned reasons are its concerns, because there are genuine users like me who need the scheme.

I hope that in future, the LTA would consult people on the ground first before it makes decisions that would affect them.

Lim Yew Kwang