Start 'block watch' programme to stop heartland vice

There have been several cases of foreign women coming to Singapore on social visit passes, and making a quick buck through vice - the most recent case being those nabbed in a four-room flat in Jurong West (Three women arrested in raid on 'brothel' flat; Nov 2)

Our homes are our sanctuary.

Landlords, on their part, must keep tabs on the people they rent their premises to, especially if they are unknown to them.

Neighbours play an important role in keeping the estate safe and secure from crimes. They can keep a look-out for strangers entering homes.

Neighbourhood safety is a shared responsibility in which both citizens and police have important roles to play.

Unlike condominiums where there are security personnel round the clock, Housing Board flats are easier targets for vice.

I suggest that a "block watch" programme be introduced in Jurong West and other housing estates, in which appointed neighbours can work with the police to report suspicious characters - be it for suspected vice or other criminal activities.

Raymond Anthony Fernando