Speed traps can cause other problems

The move by the Traffic Police to set up more speed cameras is set to cause problems, as much as it deters speeding ("Warning: Better slow down at these hot spots"; May 20).

It is natural human reaction to slow down when one sees speed cameras.

Even at legal speeds, this can cause accidents if the driver slows down at the last minute.

Often, we see motorists braking at the last minute when they approach such speed traps, or when they spot Traffic Police officers by the road or on overhead bridges.

This not only causes direct danger to vehicles behind, but also slows down otherwise smooth traffic and causes a jam. This can be seen every day near camera zones.

Safety is paramount on our roads. As much as operations by the Traffic Police reduce speeding-related accidents, they cause other unwanted problems as well.

Putting up signs to warn users of speed trap zones does not resolve the issue, as even motorists within the speed limit brake as a result of human instinct to avoid being fined.

Foo Yi Chern