Special ed teachers' pay has seen increase

In his letter, Mr Wong Poo Yang applauded the move by the Ministry of Education to raise teachers' pay by up to 9 per cent, and queried why there was no similar salary increment for special education teachers in organisations like Rainbow Centre and other special needs establishments ("Special education teachers deserve a raise too"; Forum Online, Aug 27).

Salary scales for Rainbow Centre Singapore's teaching and therapy staff have been revised upwards thrice in the past three years - first in February 2012, then in January 2013 and most recently, in July this year.

The 2013 and 2015 adjustments followed a sectorwide salary increment for social service professionals, and the most recent adjustment in July this year saw pay increases of between 3 per cent and 19 per cent. 

We thank the writer for recognising the challenging work of our teachers.

Sept 4 is Teachers' Day this year, and it is a day dedicated to all our educators.

We take this opportunity to salute all teachers for their dedication and passion. 

Tan Sze Wee (Ms)


Corporate Services

Rainbow Centre, Singapore