Spare the rod and create bullying adults

I agree with Mr Paul Chan Poh Hoi (Cane bullies to send strong message; March 5).

Why is it that schoolboys are not caned by their school principals when they inflict pain on others?

"Counselling" is a lame excuse to forget the matter and move on. Nobody is any wiser.

Teenagers who rely on violence to settle problems will do the same when they join the adult world - in the workplace, with friends or at home.

Our society seems to condone violence more than sexual offences.

We often see reports of employers (men and/or women) assaulting their domestic workers, some grievously, leaving permanent scars and indescribable emotional trauma on the victim.

Yet the punishment that such offenders get can be relatively less severe than that of a man who touches a woman in the train.

We have to send a message to everyone - particularly schoolboys - that it is unacceptable to settle matters using brute force. People who inflict pain on others should get a taste of what pain is.

The Ministry of Education will have to set rules for schools to follow - without fear or favour - to deter students from using force.

Spare the cane and you release another barbarous being into society.

Male employers who hurt their maids dreadfully and painfully must be caned too.

I hope our lawmakers can study this matter urgently and make amendments to deter those who resort to inflicting pain on the weak and vulnerable.

Daniel Chan Wai Piew