Sorry, Sundram, but age does matter

As an ardent football fan, I am befuddled and dismayed by national caretaker coach V. Sundramoorthy's intention to recall football stalwarts to our national team, in preparation for the year-end AFF Suzuki Cup ("Sundram places faith in veterans"; Aug 31).

Age does have a profound effect on a team's performance.

Football is a physical game which entails speed, technical ability and a vast reservoir of stamina - features which tend to be found wanting in not-too-youthful players.

Competing teams for the Suzuki Cup have in place youngsters with strong physical attributes and technical prowess, and who will be all too eager to run rings around our national "dad's army".

I hope the Football Association of Singapore will be bold enough to thwart this move.

Joseph Hooi Liang Kee