Soldiers' meals, portions carefully worked out

The comments from Madam Vicky Chong suggesting that our army camps have a culture of food wastage are not accurate (Address food wastage in army camps; Jan 27).

In her view, part of the food-wastage problem stems from the kind of food that is served - basically, food that is not popular with these young men.

While ladies' finger, eggplant and bitter gourd may not be as gratifying as the more luxurious romaine lettuce, kale or parsley, they still provide a comprehensive range of essential vitamins and a comparable amount of dietary fibre.

I would urge all parents to inculcate in their adolescents an understanding of food - and how the tastiest foods may not be the healthiest options.

As these servicemen are basic military trainees who stay 24/7 in camps and whose daily activities are closely structured, I am confident the authorities are clear on the amount of rice and other foods that are necessary for the prescribed training.

Lim Chee Khiam

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