Small pay deduction a great way to donate

A Singaporean Chinese colleague of mine recently rejoined the workforce, now that her children have grown up. Upon receiving her first payslip, she noticed that there was a 50-cent deduction and asked me what it was for.

I told her that it was for the Chinese Development Assistance Council (CDAC) Fund, which is used to fund CDAC's programmes and assistance schemes to help students, workers and families from lower-income groups to overcome their challenges and achieve social mobility.

It is a very meaningful and powerful contribution. Imagine, you contribute only 50 cents a month and yet, you are helping so many people.

The interesting part is that it is also tax deductible.

I remember that there were many grievances when it was first implemented in the 1980s. But it is a great way to help the needy. For many of us, it could be the only donation we ever make.

Ang Kah Chin (Ms)