Single-party rule's safeguards work only with good government

Dr Edmund Lam has said that there are sufficient safeguards despite the dominance of one political party, namely the judiciary and mainstream media ("Safeguards in place to check single-party rule"; Oct 1).

While judiciary independence from the executive and legislative branches of the Government is enshrined in the Constitution, the Chief Justice and Supreme Court judges are appointed by the President acting on the Cabinet's advice.

Should a single-party Cabinet and government become corrupt, justice could easily be thwarted if judges beholden only to the party are appointed, and those not in its favour replaced.

Even the mainstream media could be controlled by a dictatorial government so that only pro-establishment views are articulated.

Publications that report the misdeeds of a government could be censored or suspended. Even social media like Facebook is banned in some countries to suppress dissenting views.

The point is that these safeguards are effective when a good government is in charge.

While it is true that a two-party system can result in chaos in Parliament, having an alternative government should one fail is still the safest safeguard in our Westminster-style parliamentary system.

History shows that incorruptibility in government does not continue in perpetuity.

Seto Hann Hoi (Dr)