Singaporeans, stay united and keep the faith

We are all Singaporeans. This was made clear at the death of Mr Lee Kuan Yew and at our SG50 National Day celebration.

Singapore's past 50 years have been a miracle because we were united, and the trust between leaders and people has been strong.

Trust is difficult to earn but is easy to break. The Government knows this very well, and does not take the people's trust for granted.

It is not perfect but it is trying to find the best way to make Singapore a better place and home for all Singaporeans.

This election is not about divisiveness. Instead, it is important for all Singaporeans to stand united together, in the face of a divided world.

Let us show the world that despite all the troubles around us and within ourselves, we have the will to stay united and to preserve and build on the trust that has seen us through challenges in the past and will take us through future challenges.

This is what makes Singapore unique and why we are able to attract new opportunities from the world, and give our children and ourselves a better chance to progress and grow together.

Let us be the beacon of light in this increasingly divided world that lacks trust.

Tan Teck Ming