Singapore football needs a revamp

Much has been said about the sad state of Singapore football, especially over the past four years ("Goal drought drags on"; Nov 10, and "A Lion's share of problems for S'pore"; Nov 27).

How is it that a World Cup aspirant in the early 2000s can become one of the lowest-ranked teams in South-east Asia?

Something has gone very wrong and action should be taken to restore the confidence of the fans and bring the crowds back.

Football in Singapore needs a major revamp, starting from the top.

For a start, there should be a leader who is willing to take ownership and drive success.

This person must bring people into the Football Association of Singapore (FAS) who are passionate about the game, who want to get involved and be present at games, and have ideas on what will attract the fans.

As the S-League has not shown any signs of improving, it should be scrapped.

Instead, the FAS should invite international teams to play with the Lions on a regular basis and widen the Lions' exposure.

This will also make better use of the National Stadium by bringing the crowds back with a game that still has mass appeal.

Goh Geok Huat