Simple steps to lifestyle change

Most of my recent years have been spent abroad because of work. It gave me little time to utilise the facilities here or to take part in any local communal programmes.

However, over the last month, I have been altering my schedule to vigorously participate in a health and exercise programme whenever I am back in Singapore.

I frequent a communal facility for walks and am involved in activities with my family.

These changes came about because of the steps tracker that my wife got me from the Health Promotion Board's (HPB) Healthy 365 campaign, and our finding that the new Our Tampines Hub is an extremely friendly and well-intended outfit for the people.

I must congratulate both organisations for their respective initiatives.

Both are different but they compliment each other and helped alter my focus and mindset by providing the convenience and motivation for me (and, I am sure, many others too) to exercise more regularly.

I am not a Tampines resident but, because of the HPB's programme and the availability of a great communal set-up at Our Tampines Hub, we were suddenly enticed to not just exercise more but also to consistently keep pace with our daily walks and frequent the hub due to its great communal amenities.

The step tracker enabled me to walk and exceed my target daily, even when much of my time is spent abroad.

Although some people may not think much of these initiatives, to me, they can have quite life-changing effects.

Kudos to them and I hope to see more of these in Singapore.

Ng Boon Khee

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